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BBQ Pizza Baker

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BBQ Pizza Baker

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Harness the high heat of your gas grill to cook pizza outdoors! This baking stone and steel hood set will transform your regular grill into a pizza-making machine. The cordierite stone absorbs and radiates heat to bake a crispy, evenly-cooked crust. The steel hood traps and reflects heat down onto the top of your cooking pie so that your toppings are done at the same time as your crust. Ventilation holes in the hood allow moisture to escape so pizzas are never soggy. Pizza Stone included

Materials: Cordierite, Steel
Dimensions: Stone: 12.01″ W x 12.01″ D x 0.47″ H, Hood: 14.25″ W x 13.86″ D x 3.54″ H
Keywords: Pizza Oven, Grill Pizza Oven, BBQ Pizza Oven

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