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Cast Iron Roaster 28cm

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Cast Iron Roaster 28cm

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Sku: 11PKH2255


In stock


Product Description

Cast iron perfectly retains heat and distributes it ideally to the food. This has a great impact on our health. Through the use of natural materials, such as cast iron, the amount of harmful substances

that penetrate into the food decreases. Another advantage is that when preparing food in the cast iron pan, a small amount of iron is produced, which is necessary for our body.

The black surface obtains very high temperatures in a firing process of Iron and vegetable oil achieved. The frying pan was then oxidized, which reduces the susceptibility to rust. It is recommended from time to time to lubricate the entire surface with a thin layer of cooking oil.

Product Details

– Made of high-quality cast-iron material

– With comfortable handle for easy carry

– Dimensions (L x W x H): 29X21x11 cm

– Capacity: 3.9L

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