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Insect Killer Super 38w

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Insect Killer Super 38w

In stock

Sku: 16SMIN13920


In stock

  • Elegant white design
  • Uses the special UVA bulb 2 * 15W to attract insects, which will be ki lled upon touching the high voltage grids
  • Average working life of the LED is 5000 – 8000hrs.
  • Material: Aluminium alloy with electrophoresis treatment + ABS side board.
  • Detachable collection tray for easy cleaning.
  • Coverage area 80 Sqm.
  • Position of tubes and two sides o pen for maximum attraction.
  • Robust construction, screw free for installing the exterior grid, easy for service.
  • Electronic transformer and magnetic ballast.
  • Concealable chain holder for suspending.
  • Economical and Durable.
  • Voltage & Frequency: 220V-240V 50 /60Hz Power: 38W
  • Size: W 51 x h 31 x d 10

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