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Large Awning With Motor, Remote & LED lights

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Large Awning With Motor, Remote & LED lights

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While fixed awnings offer more possibilities when it comes to design, retractable awnings give you the control to enjoy the precise amount of coverage you prefer at any given time. When extended, they provide protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays, cooling shade, or coverage from the rain. When retracted, they open up your view, let in the warming sun, and help extend the life of your awning.


These Awnings come with a motor and remote to control the opening and closing of the awning at your convenience.


The LED lights on 2 arms of the awning allow you to eat in comfort or relax and enjoy a great book! Colour of LED is white.

Manual control is by a 1.5m hand crank.

Material is 280g/m2 Polyester fabric in natural colour.


Available in 2 sizes
5x4m (5m along the wall and 4m protruding outwards)
6x4m (6m along the wall and 4m protruding outwards)


Installation not included, HomeTrends engages a qualified electrician to carry out the installation, cost is approx €566 per electrical awning of this type. The electrician will confirm if there are any extra costs before carrying out the works and the client is to pay the electrician directly (not to HomeTrends)

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5m x 4m, 6m x 4m

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