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Control panel with bright LED display

This screen is green and will allow you to keep effective and simple monitoring of cooking. On the screen, you can see 10 cooking levels, with a digital timer of up to 95 minutes. It includes chrome function buttons and a stainless steel cavity with a capacity of 25 l. It also has a knob for selecting the different operating options of the device.

Power levels and automatic menu

The output power of this microwave oven with grill is 900 W for the microwave and 1000 W for the grill. This is more than enough power for any domestic use of the equipment, and in addition, it can be graduated in 5 different levels. It also includes, for added convenience, an automatic menu that you can manipulate using digital control.

Microwave, grill, and combi-grill functions, for optimal cooking

The combi-grill function allows you to combine grill and microwave cooking methods, which means that you can prepare a greater variety of recipes, browning or gratinating food while it cooks from the inside. However, you can also use these functions separately, or only at the end of cooking. It is a microwave that combines various functionalities, to cook all kinds of preparations with high-quality results in all cases. It also includes multi-stage cooking and weight-based defrost functions.

Made with the best quality materials

This is a stainless steel microwave, a resistant and highly durable material, used in the highest quality household appliances due to its high resistance to corrosion, impacts and continuous use. The use of this steel guarantees a long useful life for your Sogo microwave oven with grill, which makes it a very interesting investment.

With a simple and practical design

Sogo’s built-in microwave oven is very useful and versatile, with a simple but elegant and modern design. It is a built-in microwave that can be easily adapted to the structure of any kind of kitchen cabinet with a hole for this type of appliance; Due to its metallic color, its simple steel handle, its chrome knobs and its mirror-effect finish, it will work very well in spaces with modern designs.

A comfortable and very safe appliance

Sogo’s HOR-SS-815 microwave oven offers quick start functionality, for the easiest cooking jobs. But, in addition, it has a security lock option that will prevent the device from being manipulated and turned on when it is not necessary. This feature is most useful if you plan to install the device in a home with children, helping to avoid potential accidents.


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