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SOGO Glass Blender 1.5L – WHITE

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SOGO Glass Blender 1.5L – WHITE

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In stock


Different functions, basic and useful for every kitchen

The electric mixer fulfills the basic functions of chopping, mixing, cutting, and blending. These functionalities are essential in every kitchen, including those of homes as well as those of restaurants and bars. With it, you can make various preparations such as sauces, cocktails, smoothies, and much more. In addition, its 1.5 L capacity allows you to prepare moderate amounts for several people.

Simple and modern design

Although designed and manufactured in Spain, it follows the latest designs of an American blender, focusing on its functionality and elegant aesthetics. The glass is transparent and labeled so you can know how much liquid it has at all times. In addition, it has a spout or protrusion that allows you to pour, in a very simple way, the content once shaken.

Security before everything

Being an instrument with blades, which requires certain safety measures, this blender has a double jar lock. In this way, the glass remains completely fixed during use, thus avoiding almost any accident. In addition, the base has non-slip feet so that the machinery does not move, even if you place it on a smooth or wet surface.

Healthy and pollutant-free diet

The glass made of transparent AS plastic has been created taking into account that it will be in contact with various foods. For this reason, it does not contain BPA and does not leave any kind of harmful residue or contaminant in the food. The other components, such as the blade and the lid, are also free of polluting materials.

Efficient, easy-to-clean blade

The blade of this chopper blender allows you to chop, cut, mix, and blend efficiently and easily. Also, being made of stainless steel, it will have decent durability and a great ability to hold its edge if you take care of it correctly. It also incorporates a very safe detachable system that does not interfere with other functions but rather facilitates its care and cleaning.

Avoid accidental spills

The blender has a lid that will prevent accidental spills if you place it correctly. It is very easy to know if you have done it right since it has a lock that confirms that the lid is tight and well-sealed. In addition, it includes a measuring cup with labeling and a capacity of 25 ml, ideal for making smoothies and shakes with the appropriate measurements.

Knob with pulse function

The mixer knob allows you to adjust the mixing speed easily and intuitively. It incorporates a pulse function so you can control two types of speeds. This way, you can decide when to beat hard and when not.

Product size: 18 x 21.5 x 38 cm

Brand: SOGO

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 22 × 18.5 × 38 cm
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