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Home/Kitchen/Kettles/Electric WATER KETTLE STAINLESS STEEL RETRO DESIGN BEIGE. 1.7L-1850-2200W
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  • 1.7L stainless steel kettle in metallic beige paint
  • Integrated thermometer for current liquid temperature
  • hidden heating element
  • High quality controller for maximum safety and work efficiency
  • Transparent indicator to see the water level
  • Removable filter


A Retro Stainless Steel Kettle that Dazzles with Its Classic Charm

Immerse yourself in the elegance and charm of the past with our exquisite retro kettle. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this impressive appliance perfectly combines classic style with the modern functionality you crave.

An Integrated Thermometer for a Precise and Sophisticated Experience: Be captivated by the thermometer integrated into the lid, a feature that adds a touch of class to your daily water boiling ritual. Watch the temperature rise as the liquid transforms into the golden elixir you desire. Get complete control and make sure you enjoy your drinks at the perfect temperature every time.

A Hidden Resistance that Elevates Efficiency and Style: Inside, our retro kettle houses a hidden resistance, which offers fast and uniform boiling. This technical marvel not only ensures exceptional performance, but also adds a touch of elegance as it is hidden from view. Admire the beauty of its obstruction-free design as you delight in the purity of boiling water.

A High-Quality Strix Controller for Flawless Operation: In pursuit of a flawless and safe boiling experience, we have equipped our retro kettle with a world-renowned Strix controller. This state-of-the-art device is responsible for regulating the temperature and ensuring fault-free operation. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable, long-lasting performance, backed by the excellence of a premium controller.

A Transparent Indicator that Adds a Touch of Distinction: Admire the subtle dance of the water as it moves through the retro kettle, thanks to its transparent indicator. This ingenious detail not only adds visual beauty, but also allows you to easily monitor the water level at all times. You will never worry about filling too much or too little again, as the indicator will guide you with its elegance.

A Removable Filter for Unparalleled Purity: Experience the delight of enjoying pure, crystal-clear water in every cup thanks to the removable filter of our retro kettle. This cleverly designed filter traps unwanted impurities and sediment, ensuring an unrivaled boiling experience. Feel like a connoisseur as you immerse yourself in the refinement of your favorite drinks.

Cutting-edge Protection for Your Peace of Mind and Safety: Your safety is our priority, which is why we’ve equipped our retro kettle with advanced protection against dry boiling and overheating. With these cutting-edge features, you can enjoy maximum peace of mind while you enjoy your favorite drinks. Feel confident at every moment, knowing that your kettle is designed to deliver exceptional performance with

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