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Wine Decanter 0.75L

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Wine Decanter 0.75L

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In stock


Decanter Daily Leonardo Special Limit, a transparent decanter designed to serve and uphold mature wines, so that with careful pouring into glasses, sediment remains at the bottom.?The decanter is also used to oxygenate young wines.

The radical design of this decanter provides good ventilation for your red wine.?The large surface allows the wine to maximize its flavor bouquet.

Ergonomic design.
A great gift for wine lovers.
Size: 215/220 / 215mm.

Volume: 2 L
Diameter: 215 mm.
Height: 220 mm.
Material: glass

Leonardo is a German brand bursting with Italian flair and lifestyle. It offers high standards that are expressed in a number of subtle ways.

Modern design, high quality and great diversity are the hallmarks of the unique world of Leonardo.

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